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(Incident Organizer*)

InciNotes�, is the first ICS 201 documentation application for the iPad�. InciNotes� makes incident documentation simple and easy. InciNotes� follows the Standard Operating Procedures for Incident Commanders in Region 5 of the United States Forest Service, National Wild Fire Coordinating Group and "Red Book" - National Interagency Fire Center.


(*Incident Organizer. The Incident Organizer is an expanded version of the Incident Briefing document - ICS 201)

NEW RELEASE - InciNotes�, the breakthrough ICS 201 Incident Documentation System for iPad, ONE CLICK IAP ( screen shots ) has just been taken to the next level of digital incident documentation with the release of version 1.3, now available for purchase. This breakthrough in documentation helps bring the 21st century to Emergency Responders. DOWNLOAD Version 1.3.0 NOW

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